9.2.2018 New Publication on Social Work Education in Finland

Sosnet has published a book on social work education in Finland in English. The publication "Social Work Education in Finland: Courses for Competency" sets out to answer the following
questions: What is social work education in Finland like, what are the competency goals which
the courses for the social work major pursue and what is the nature of the knowledge and skills that
students receive in the process of becoming qualified social workers?

The aim of this publication is to bring visibility to the competency produced by the social work education
offered in Finland and to provide insights that might serve to guide the future course of
and strengthen university-level education in the field. These are worthy goals in light of the current changes
buffeting the higher education sector and society at large.

Publication: Lähteinen, Sanna & Raitakari, Suvi & Hänninen, Kaija & Kaittila, Anniina & Kekoni, Taru & Krok, Suvi & Skaffari, Pia 2017: Social Work Education in Finland: Courses for Competency. SOSNET julkaisuja 8. Valtakunnallinen sosiaalityön yliopistoverkosto Sosnet. Rovaniemi.

Link to the electronic version of the publication:


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