Travel grant

What is NBSW travel grant?

The NBSW network supports PhD students for NBSW summer schools and courses. NBSW supports annually 25 PhD students to the summer school and 8 PhD students (at minimum) to every research course with a travel grant. Travel grant is 500 Euros (PhD students from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark) or 350 Euros (PhD students from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia). This is according to the NordForsk rules. Travel grant is intended to be used for travelling and accommodation. If your travelling expenses are higher than your grant (350 € or 500 €), then you need to cover the expenses yourself.

Can I apply for travel grant?

You can apply NBSW travel grant if you are qualified to apply for research course or summer school AND you are not studying in the country which is organising the course or the summer school you are applying for.

You can apply for NBSW research course or summer school if you are a PhD student in social work or your PhD thesis focuses on social work issues AND you are studying in university or institution participating in NBSW-network. You can find NBSW - network universities and institutions on the page Basic information.

We are not able to give travel grants for students who come from the country which is organising the course or summer school. For example, if the summer school is organised in Finland, PhD students from Finland or international student who study in Finland are not qualified for the travel grant.

Participation and travel grant

If you receive the travel grant from NBSW you should participate to the whole research course or summer school. This means that you will have to write required abstract or a research paper and participate to workshops and lectures every day during course or summer school.

Before journey

In every option, you always need to fill a travel application before your journey. Application should be done soon after you have been accepted to the course or summer school. Please fill the application carefully and send it by e-mail to secretary Outi Tuomikoski, outi.tuomikoski(a) You can find the travel application form below.

How and when do I get the travel grant money?

There are two possibilities to pay your travel and accommodation expenses:
1. Pay for your travelling and accommodation yourself and then claim it back after the course/summer school from University of Lapland (which is coordinating unit)
2. Your University department pays your travel expenses and sends the bill to the coordinating unit. Ask this possibility from your own University.

Option 1: I pay my travel expenses and claim them back from NBSW after the course/summer school.
Pay for your travelling and accommodation yourself and then claim it back from the University of Lapland, which is the coordinating unit for the network. You can find the travel bill form and instructions for filling it at the end of this page. Please read them carefully.

The travel bill should be sent to the coordinating unit after the course. Please notice that original receipts need to be sent with the invoice. You should send original receipts and travel bill by land mail to address: Outi Tuomikoski, Sosnet, University of Lapland, Faculty of Social Sciences, P.O. Box 122, FI-96101, ROVANIEMI, FINLAND. Please note that it can take 1-2 months to get your travel grant money after sending the travel bill to the coordinating unit. In many cases you can influence the handling time by filling all needed information to travel bill. Unfortunately we can not pay the travel grant unless we have all needed information to pay it. It is VERY IMPORTANT to fill in all information for traveling bill.

Option 2: My University pays for my travel expenses and sends the bill to the NBSW
If your university department agrees to pay the expenses for you, it is also possible. In that case, your department pays for your expenses (travelling, accommodation) and then after the course sends the bill to the University of Lapland. In this case, please ask your university to contact to Lapland university, secretary Outi Tuomikoski, outi.tuomikoski[@]

University of Lapland will pay for your department your travel grant (max 500 / 350 euros) based on the actual costs of your trip. It's important that all the expenses are showing on the bill that your department sends to us. In this case your department doesn't have to fill in the travelling bill form.

How many travel grants I can apply?

There is no limit. You can apply for as many courses or travel grants as you like.

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