FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Short answers to question that are frequently asked by PhD students

What is NBSW?

NBSW - The Nordic-Baltic Doctoral Network in Social Work is a joint network of the doctoral schools, universities and other institutions in social work in seven countries. You can find participating Universities and Institutions from page Basic information and NBSW coordination group from page Coordination of the Network. University of Lapland in Finland is coordinating unit for NBSW. The Network is funded by NordForsk.

What are NBSW activities?

The network provides research training for PhD students in Social Work in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The network will finance annually one summer school and one research course. The participating research schools and universities will also provide some research courses open to all NBSW-network PhD-students. You find NBSW activities under the web page Activities.

NBSW will finance limited number of travel grants for network PhD-students to participate in NBSW summer school and all research courses.

What do I need to do in research course or in summer school?

Usually participating means that you will have to write an abstract or a research paper before the course or the summer school. In many cases the courses and the summer schools include lectures and thematically pre-organized workshops. In workshops participants present and discuss their papers/PhD project under the guidance of experienced researchers/keynote speakers. Participants get the paper instructions and contents of the course before the course/summer school.

Who can apply for NBSW courses?

You can apply for NBSW course or summer school if you are a PhD student in social work or your PhD thesis focuses on social work issues AND you study in university or institution participating in the NBSW network. You can find NBSW - network universities and institutions on the page Basic information. You can apply for summer school/courses without any financial support or you can apply for travel grant, if you are not studying in the country which is organising the course or summer school you are applying for. See also question Can I apply for travel grant?

What is travel grant?

The network supports annually 20–25 PhD students to the summer school and 8 PhD students (at minimum) to every research course with a travel grant. Travel grant is 500 Euros (PhD students from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark) or 350 Euros (PhD students from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia). This is according to the NordForsk rules. Travel grant is intended to be used for travelling and accommodation. If your traveling expenses are higher than your grant (350 € or 500 €), then you need to cover the expenses yourself.

Can I apply for travel grant?

You can apply NBSW travel grant if you are qualified to apply for research course or summer school (see question “Who can apply to NBSW courses?”) AND you are not studying in the country which is organising course or summer school you are applying for.

We are not able to give travel grants for students who come from the country which is organising the course or summer school. For example, if the summer school was organised in Finland, PhD students from Finland or international students who are studying in Finland are not qualified for the travel grant.

How and when do I get the travel grant money?

There are two possibilities to pay your travel and accommodation expenses:
1. Pay for your travelling and accommodation yourself and then claim it back after the course/summer school from University of Lapland (which is coordinating unit)
2. Your University department pays your travel expenses and sends the bill to the coordinating unit. Ask this possibility from your own University.

Read more information about all these alternatives from page Travel Grant.
In every option you need to fill in the form "travel application" before the journey and send it to University of Lapland. Also, you need to save the original receipts and sent them to University of Lapland after the summer school or research course.

How many travel grants I can apply?

There is no limit. You can apply for as many courses or travel grants as you like.

Do I have to make my own travel and accommodation arrangements?

This is informed on the summer school/course web page you are applying for.
Usually you have to make your own travel and accommodation arrangements to the summer school/ course place.

How many ECTS-credits I get from research course or summer school?

The amount of ECTS-credits varies by course/summer school. How many ECTS-credits you get is informed at summer school/course web page you are applying for. More information about ECTS system: http://ec.europa.eu/education/lifelong-learning-policy/doc48_en.htm

How do I get ECTS-credits?

You get summer school/research course certificate in the end of the course. You’ll get the certificate after your paper/abstract and participation meets the course requirements. Certificate shows the name of the course/summer school, time, place, contents of the course and ECTS. It is student’s responsibility to apply course ECTS from your own University.

Who I can contact if I have questions?

If you have any questions or feedback about NBSW activities, please contact coordinator Noora Tuohino, noora.tuohino(a). If you have questions about travelling bill, please contact Sosnet Secretary Eveliina Ojaniemi, eveliina.ojaniemi(a)ulapland.fi.
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