Basic Information

The aim of the Nordic-Baltic Doctoral Network in Social Work is to strengthen and improve postgraduate studies in social work by establishing long-term collaboration between the Nordic and Baltic countries, especially between the Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian social work research schools and other bodies giving postgraduate/research training. This collaboration will help join together the different paradigms of social work research in the participating countries, enrich the theoretical and methodological training provided to the doctoral students and establish links both regionally between the Nordic-Baltic research traditions and researchers as well as internationally.

The network of the doctoral schools and institutions will also create a forum for interactive criticism, support and development of joint research projects and comparative approaches. As the links between the existing institutions have been bilaterial, theme-based and random so far, despite the interest in cooperation, this application aims to create a forum for planning a long-term Nordic-Baltic research training agenda, based on the network of the participating institutions.

The quality of research training will improve if the Nordic and Baltic social work universities cooperate in doctoral teaching. Within the framework of this application it will be possible both to establish an arena where a vigorous and robust research co-operation in the broad field of social work between Universities and research environments can be created, and to develop further the subject. None of the existing postgraduate research training forms on a national level is able on their own able to offer such a competitive platform at present.

The network activities consist of annual summer-schools and research courses focusing on the theories in social work. The participating research schools and universities will provide some research courses open to all network PhD-students. The network will finance the participation of the students to a certain amount and the costs of annual summer-schools (3) and research courses (3).

The NordForsk awarded the Nordic-Baltic Doctoral Network in Social Work 1 200 000 NOK for the years 2009–2012.

Participating universities and institutions include:


The National Post-Graduate School in Social Work and Social Services:
- University of Helsinki
- University of Jyväskylä
- University of Eastern Finland
- University of Lapland (coordinating unit of the network)
- University of Tampere
- University of Turku
- National Institute for Health and Welfare


Swedish Research School in Social Work:
- Lund Universitet
- Malmö Högskola
- Göteborg Universitet
- Örebro Universitet
- Stockholms Universitet
- Mittuniversitet
- Umeå Universitet
- Hälsohögskolan Jönköping
- Karlstad Universitet
- Linneaus University
- Linköpings Universitet
- Ersta-Skondalinstitutet


- Aalborg University


- The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
- University of Trondheim
- Oslo University College


- Tallinn University


- Vilnius University
- University of Klaipeda
- Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University


- University of Latvia
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