Summer school 6th–10th of August 2012

"Social work – global trends and local challenges”

Hosted by University of Tartu, Estonia

We invite Ph.D. students to participate the 4th summer school of Nordic-Baltic Doctoral Network in Social Work. This year topic will focus on local challenges and global trends in social work. Globalization challenges social work with constant social change, making a social worker’s job more complex an uncertain. Some of the central tensions with which social work must engage in future include: pressures arising from the fact of an ageing population, changing patterns of international migration; contested views about social work’s role in society and how far it can preserve its “critical” function. One of the central challenge facing social work is about professional confidence: whether the profession can establish a greater degree of self-confidence in a period of rapid change, uncertainty, and no little competition between professional groups, competition which is sharpened by a context of funding pressures. Social work’s confidence in its own identity will be the key factor in its capacity to survive and flourish in future.

Keynote Speakers

Professor Tapio Salonen from Sweden, professor Kåre Heggen from Norway, professor Marju Lauristin from Estonia, professor Hans van Ewijk from Netherlands

Students who present a short paper receive 4.0 ECTS, while students who present an accepted full paper receive the maximum of 7.5 ECTS, both will include five working days. The summer school will each day contain a mixture of keynote presentations related to the overall- and/or the sub-theme and workshops where the PhD students present and discuss their work under the guidance of experienced researchers/keynote speakers.

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