Summer school 15th – 19th of August 2011

“Understanding the other”

University of Jyväskylä, Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius, Finland

The third summer school of Nordic-Baltic Doctoral Network in Social Work will take place under the topic “UNDERSTANDING THE OTHER”.

The aim of the summer school is to approach the topic from various perspectives of research: from the theories of otherness, comparative societal perspective of the reflection of the others and otherness in Nordic and Baltic societies as well as the otherness of social work itself among the current main streams of our societies. We will also discuss how to involve the others in our research and how our research can contribute to understanding the other.

The course will give the PhD students an opportunity to deepen their theoretical and methodological competence in understanding the other and otherness. It will provide new knowledge about the challenges of understanding the other in the Nordic and Baltic societies in a globalized world. For the most, the course will give tools for identifying the challenges and richness of understanding the other and otherness in students’ own doctoral studies.

The summer school is open for Nordic-Baltic doctoral students. The summer School will be useful especially for students, whose research focuses on questions of minorities and social exclusion and/or social problems and/or who reflect seriously different aspects of power relations and diversity in a broader sense. Further it will be useful for students whose research design contains involvement of the other in the meaning of service users and discriminated groups. But it can be also useful for those doctoral students who could not yet identify the categories of otherness in their research approach but who like to learn to reflect more on it.

How to participate?
The NBSW summer school in Kokkola is free of charge and open for all social work doctoral students in Nordic-Baltic countries. Lectures of the summer school are open for everyone, but if you want to take part in all summer school activities (lectures, workshops, field trips), you should apply to the summer school.

Accommodation and travelling:
The summer school accommodation takes place in Villa Elba ( and in Camping place near by. Accommodation and dining prize is 210 €, from Monday to Friday. The prize includes all meals, excluding meals on Wednesday evening (coffee and dinner). Accommodation is in twin room. There is a possibility to rent a single cottage from the Camping place. Participants should pay the accommodation and dining fee before the summer school and make their own travelling arrangements to Kokkola. If NBSW offers you the travel grant, you can claim the accommodation price back after the summer school. See information about the fee, travelling and accommodation details below.

Travel grant:
The network supports approximately 25 PhD students to the summer school with a travel grant. Travel grant is 500 Euros (PhD students from Sweden, Norway and Denmark) or 350 Euros (PhD students from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia). Travel grant is intended to be used for the travelling and accommodation.
To apply travel grant, fill in the summer school application form from the end of this page.

Students who present a short paper receive 4.0 ECTS, while students who present an accepted full paper receive the maximum of 7.5 ECTS, both will include five working days (see paper instructions below).

The summer school will each day contain a mixture of keynote presentations related to particular perspectives of the overall topic and workshops where the PhD students present and discuss their work under the guidance of experienced researchers or keynote speakers. The key note presentations of the summer school will approach the topic from various settings and open perspectives of otherness also in the Nordic and Baltic societies. On Wednesday afternoon, excursions related to the topic of the summer school will be offered in the region of Kokkola. Our international - oversee - key note speaker will be Prof. Adrienne S. Chambon, University of Toronto, who is also one of the leading Foucault researchers in social work.

Literature list:
Participants are expected to read articles relevant to the topic before the summer school. Literature list will be sent out to students after June 17th 2011.

Program commitee:
Aila-Leena Matthies and Anu-Riina Svenlin (University of Jyväskylä, Kokkola University Consortium), Mirja Satka (University of Jyväskylä), Laura Tiitinen (University of Lapland), Noora Tuohino (University of Lapland), Tarja Pösö (University of Tampere). Summer school is organized together with NBSW, University of Jyväskylä, Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius and The Finnish Post-Graduate School for Social Work and Social Services.


Monday 15th of August

14.00–16.00 Opening meeting: Presentation of participants, aim of the summer school, practical issues: The Kokkola team
Aila-Leena Matthies, University of Jyväskylä, Kokkola Consortium Chydenius.
Understanding the otherness of social work itself in the current political context from the perspective of communicative rationality and deliberative democracy.

Coffee break

16.30–18.00 First group work session: Orientation and first paper presentations


Tuesday 16th of August

Adrienne S. Chambon, University of Toronto, Director of the Ph.D Program
Speech and exercises: “Recognizing the other, understanding the other - transnational and local perspectives for social work research”

13.30–16.00   Group work with papers of the students

Dinner, sauna and swimming possibility
Students’ evening program “Learning to know the others”


Wednesday 17th of August

Pirkko-Liisa Rauhala ja Ilse Julkunen, University of Helsinki
Co-teaching and integrated discussions: “Understanding the other – Concepts, history and research traditions of otherness in the Nordic and Baltic societies”
Group work with papers of students

Field visits in Kokkola region

Including a visit and the presentation of the Summer school at the market place of Kokkola (Kesäiltatori)

Reception by the City of Kokkola

Dinner in the town


Thursday 18th of August

Transportation to the Kokkola University. Summer school will take place at the Kokkola University Consortium - building. Address, Talonpojankatu 2 B 

Short presentation of the University Consortium, a Leading institute of Adult Studies, Head of the Consortium, Dr. Kari Kumpulainen and further staff members 

Elisabet Cedersund, Jönköping University
Categories of otherness - understanding the otherness close to us in the research of Social work

Lunch ( at participants' own expense)

Peter Beresford, Brunel University, West London (virtual lecture)
Involving the others in the research of Social Work

Coffee Break

Group works with papers of students 

Joint dinner, we are invited by the University Consortium Chydenius
Transportation to Villa Elba/ Evening in the down town

Friday 19th of August

Panel: The future of diversity and universalism in the Nordic and Baltic societies. Members of the board of the NBSW

Coffee break

Concluding session: Feedback, class foto, and other closing ceremonies


Departure, touristic offers if wished

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