Recent conceptualization of evidence in social work practice

The third training course of the Nordic-Baltic Doctoral Network in Social Work will be held at the Aalborg University, Denmark, November 16–18 2011. The course is open for Nordic-Baltic doctoral students in the area of social work.

Travel grants: The NBSW network supports 15 PhD students to the course with a travel grant at the maximum 500 Euros (Finland, Norway, Sweden) or 350 Euros (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia).


A new trend in the governance of Social Work focuses on systems for measuring and documenting effects of different forms of interventions. One of the instruments in this field that has a considerable support among politicians is the systematic reviews produced by institutions like Cochrane and Campbell. But what are the practical circumstances for the production of these reviews, what are the methodologies and scientific philosophy behind, and does the ambition of this new type of governance respect the specific elements that characterize social work practice? In the recent international discussions of these questions you will find both new and old well known themes in the history of science and applied social research. The course will introduce the students to the international discussions of these serious questions and their historical roots making it possible for the students to choose their own focus with respect to all other dimensions that characterize this complicated mix of scientific as well as political issues.

Course credits

4 ETCS are given to students for participating and actively contributing to the discussion with a synopsis and an oral presentation addressing a theme related to one of the four parts of the course (see the course presentation below). Paper deadline for students accepted to the seminar is October 17.

For more information, see the course presentation below.

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