Between conflict and consensus – challenging the dichotomy

Vilnius, Lithuania, 17–21 August 2009

The first summer school of the Nordic-Baltic Research-School in Social Work will focus on knowledge production in Nordic and European contexts. This will be accomplished through an extensive course on research-level (Knowledge-production). This course provides 7.5 credits, it has been developed especially for this summer-school and the doctoral students are supposed to take part of the upcoming examination.

From a starting point in different traditions, the summer school will highlight dichotomies in social work and social work research. The dichotomy, conflict and consensus, can be referred to different scientific traditions and to different political contexts. Social policy and practical social work in different contexts, influences the questions which are raised and studied in social work research. To give a broad foundation according to these aspects, international scientists will be presenting and discussing contemporary social work research together with the doctoral students, in order to further develop and widening the field.

To accomplish constructive discussions the schedule is organised by lectures and presentations from the participant’s different research projects. This is done through different steps and themes during the week, which will be presented below.

Monday 17/8

Introduction. Presentation of programme and participants.

Coffee break
Social Work in Lithuania

Video: Unseen Lithuania (Introduction Viginta Ivaskaite-Tamosiune)

Professor Albinas Bagdonas, Vilnius University. Social Work Education in Lithuania 

Dr. Violeta Gevorgianiene, Vilnius University. Social Work Research at Vilnius University

Professor Romas Lazutka, Vilnius University. Social Protection in Lithuania
Reception. Vilnius University


Tuesday 18/8

British Perspectives in Social Work Research

Professor Bill Jordan , University of Plymouth . Social Work Knowledge Production in the UK – Two Traditions (part 1)

Coffee break

11.00–12.30                               Professor Bill Jordan , University of Plymouth . Social Work KnowledgeProduction in the UK – Two Traditions (part 2)

Lunch (at participants’ own expense)

Professor Michael Sheppard, University of Plymouth . The Concept of Social Work
Field visit: Social Care Institutions in Trakai (Including Dinner break)

Wednesday 19/8

German and Nordic Perspectives in Social Work Research

Professor Christian Spatscheck, Hochschule Bremen . Knowledge Production inSocial Work - German Debates within a European Context

Coffee break

Lunch (at participants’ own expense)

Social work research in different scientific traditions and political contexts. Discussions in small, mixed Nordic-Baltic groups of participants. (References: Nowotny, Scott & Gibbons 2004; Sommerfeld 2005, and to the lectures)

Coffee break

Continued discussions


Thursday 20/8

Social work research in different scientific traditions and political contexts.

Discussions in national groups of participants.

Coffee break

Panel with representatives from the Nordic countries (steering committee).

Lunch (at participants’ own expense)

Paper seminar. Program for the seminar will be made on Monday Aug 17. Those who bring and present paper should bring 30 copies for distribution.

(Presented paper and participation the whole week = 4 ECTS credits.)

Coffee break

16.00 – 18.00
Continued Paper seminar

Friday 21/8

Continued paper seminar

Parallel Meeting of the steering committee of the Nordic-Baltic Doctoral Network in Social Work (room 208)

Coffee break

Conclusions, discussions and summing up.

Syllabus - Knowledge production in social work (19 KB)
Literature summer-school (5 KB)
Evaluation summary of the Summer school 2009 (7 KB)
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