The NBSW Summer School 2019

11th Summer School August 26th -30th, 2019 Riga, LATVIA

Measuring Outcomes of Social Work

Hosted by the University of Latvia, Faculty of Social Science

The Nordic-Baltic Doctoral Network in Social Work (NBSW) is a joint network of the doctoral schools, universities and other institutions in social work in seven countries. The network provides research training for PhD students in social work in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, but also for PhD students in social work from countries outside the Network.

We invite PhD students from the network countries and beyond to participate in the summer school of the Nordic-Baltic Doctoral Network in Social Work (NBSW). This summer school aims to bring together PhD candidates in social work from Nordic and Baltic countries for five days of intensive lectures and thorough discussions on measuring outcomes of social work and social work research. Submission of a paper (optionally short or long) connected with the theme of the summer school is a prerequisite for participation.

In many social work situations, measuring success is difficult. The social work practice and research could apply different approaches, theoretical perspectives and views of various actors involved in social practice. The evidence-based approach is a part of social work and social work research. The individual social work practice, organizational work and structural changes could be supported by measuring outcomes of social work and social work research.

  • How to measure social work and social work research in different ways? 
  • How an individual view/social groups/society can be measured in social work research? 
  • How measuring outcomes of social work can facilitate development of social work practice? 
  • How the practitioner, researcher and client could work together in order to identify what works, for whom and under what conditions?

What are the critical aspects of evidence based approaches?

These are the main topics that will be addressed and discussed during the summer school.

In addition, during the summer school special attention will be paid on how important it is in social work to have knowledge about information gathering techniques, data processing, data analysis etc. The ethical principles such as avoiding harming the research participants, preserving privacy, anonymity, and confidentiality will also be discussed.

The summer school will each day contain a mixture of keynote presentations related to the perspectives of the overall topic and workshops where the PhD students present and discuss their papers under the guidance of experienced researchers or keynote speakers.

Second announcement with keynote speakers and themes of presentation

NBSW Summer School 2019 Aug Riga_2nd_ANNOUNCEMENT.pdf


Start Monday August 26, 2019 at 15:00

End Friday August 30, 2019, at 15:00 


Latvia, University of Latvia, Faculty of Social Science (ULFSS):


Līga Rasnača (University of Latvia); Endija Rezgale – Straidoma (University of Latvia)


University of Latvia
Lauvas street 4, Riga, LV- 1019, LATVIA
E-mail for general questions: Liga.Rasnaca[at] (+371 29906016); endija.rezgale-straidoma[at] (+371 27831915)

E-mail for applications: Liga.Rasnaca[a], endija.rezgale-straidoma[at] 
E-mail for papers: 
Liga.Rasnaca[at], endija.rezgale-straidoma[at]


The summer school stands for the course which provides 4 ECTS credits with a short paper (1000-2000 words) submission and presentation and 7.5 ECTS credits with a long paper (6000-7000 words) submission and presentation. Papers and presentations must connect the participant’s doctoral research project with the theme of the summer school.


February 7          1st announcement/invitation
March 1               2nd announcement/invitation, final programme, paper instructions
May 1                  Application deadline
May 15                Decision about participation will be announced
May 25                Literature list for reading, practical information for participants
June 25               Paper submission deadline 


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