Identity and history in social work

The first training course of the Nordic  Baltic Graduate School & Network in Social Work -program is to be held from November 2009 25th  to 27th  at Tallinn University .

The aim of the 'Identity and history in social work' course is:

1) To help to problematise uncritical understandings of history;
2) to open up the importance of our national/regional interpretations of the past and history of social work for the construction of our professional identities at the present in particular in the European, Baltic and Nordic regions;
3) to enlighten the meaning of gender in social work history and for the present day, and
4) to provide tools for research how to promote effective historical inquiry.

Course credits: 4 ETCS. The pedagogical forms of the course include pre-readings, writing a research paper including research tasks, lectures, discussions and group working, learning tasks. For more information, see the content and program of the course below.